Using Python for Web Development

title: Using Python for Web Development

Python is known for its beautiful syntax and ease of readability. This scripting language can be used for some quick-and-dirty prototyping of your idea of a web-app. It can also be used to build scalable and maintainable large web applications.

Most Popular Python Web Frameworks:

  • Full-Stack Frameworks
  1. Django
  2. Pyramid
  3. Web2py
  4. TurboGears
  • Microframeworks
  1. Flask
  2. Bottle
  3. CherryPy
  • Asynchronous frameworks
  1. Sanic
  2. Tornado
  • Other
  1. Dash

So let’s get started with some web frameworks and learn how they help build web app on-hands. But before that, we would need to set-up the development environment by completing installation of web frameworks in Python.

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