Render Props Component – React

Render Props Component

Render props is an advanced React pattern, yet so simple!


This is an example on how you can use render prop for a toggle functionality.

import React, { PureComponent } from "react"; class Toggle extends PureComponent { state = { on: false }; toggle = () => { this.setState({ on: !this.state.on }); }; render() { const { children } = this.props; return children({ on: this.state.on, toggle: this.toggle }); } } export default Toggle;

This Toggle component will return it’s children state.on and the function toggle. Which can be used in it’s child components.

This Toggle can be used as follows:

<Toggle> {({ on, toggle }) => ( <Fragment> <button onClick={toggle}>Show / Hide</button> {on && <h1>I can be toggled on or off!</h1>} </Fragment> )} </Toggle>

As you can see, the toggle functionality can be used by it’s child Button to toggle some content. if on is true the h1-tag will get rendered otherwise not.

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