R Data Frames

title: Data Frames

Data Frames

A data frame is an object in R.

Creating a Data Frame

You can create a data frame by combining vectors of the same length and using the function data.frame.

a <- c(1 ,2, 3, 4, 5) #vector a b <- c("H", "E", "L", "L", "O") #vector b c <- c(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE) #vector c df <- data.frame(a, b, c)

NOTE: You can also import data from a various data file such as a csv file to a data frame. See Additional Resources below for help with that.

Adding Columns

To add a new column you can do df$new_column_name


df$product <- 2 * df[,1]

You can alternatively have a vector with them same amount of elements as a column in df as use the function cbind to combine it to df.

product <- c(2, 4, 6, 8, 10) df <- cbind(df, product)

Both ways will output the following table:

a b c product 1 1 H TRUE 2 2 2 E FALSE 4 3 3 L FALSE 6 4 4 L TRUE 8 5 5 O FALSE 10

Removing Columns or Rows

You can remove a column or row by using $ to specify a specific column name and making it NULL.

df$b <- NULL #column b in df is deleted

Alternatively you can delete a specific row by using df[row,] or delete a specific row by using df[,column].


df[1,] <- NULL #Deletes first row in df df[,2] <- NULL #Deletes second column in df


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