Python smart_open 1.7.1

title: smart_open 1.7.1

Python smart_open 1.7.1

smart_open is a python library for efficient streaming of large files from/to HDFS, S3, HTTP, or local files.
The simplest way to install smart_open is using pip

pip install smart_open

It is a good replacement for built-in open().
It does everything open() can, and falls back to native open whenever possible.


It can be a pain while working with large S3 files using boto and boto3 libraries.
smart_open builds on boto3 and is very simple to work with.

import smart_open with smart_open.smart_open('s3://tmp-bucket/myfile.txt') as f: lines = f.readlines() for line in lines: print line

smart_open is an open source software, maintained on GitHub

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