Python Methods

title: Methods


In object oriented programming a function within a class or an object is named a method. Imagine you have a cat object and inside the class there is a funcion named scratch, you can now use the cat’s scratch method by calling it in the following way:


Different kind of methods

There are different types of methods you can define in a class, some of them are listed here.

The constructor, a method that is executed when the object is created:

class Cat: def __init__(self, name): // Constructor which recieves a name = name

Standard methods:

class Cat: name = "Bob" def scratch(self, person): // Standard method, recieves person to scratch print( + " scratched " + person)

The destructor, a method that is executed when the object is deleted by the garbage collector.

class Cat: name = "Bob" def __del__(self): print(name + " is no more.")

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