PHP while Loop

title: While Loop

While Loop

The while loop is one of the easiest type of loop in PHP. It executes the block of statements until the expression evaluates to TRUE. If the value of the expression changes at the time of execution, then the loop runs until the expression evaluates to FALSE.The Basic Form of While Loop is given below:

while (expr) statement

The Statements inside the while loop can be enclosed within the curly braces or can be used based on the following syntax:

while (expr): statement ... endwhile;

Illustrating the simple and alternate syntax of while loop using example:

<?php /* using the simple form of while loop */ $i = 1; /* initialisation part */ while ($i <= 100 && $i!=5 ) { echo $i++; } /*using the alternate synatx of while loop*/ $i = 0; while ($i <= 10): echo $i++; endwhile; ?>

More Information

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