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In PHP, the Switch statement is very similar to the JavaScript Switch statement (See the JavaScript Switch Guide to compare and contrast). It allows rapid case testing with a lot of different possible conditions, the code is also more readable.


<?php // Switch Statement Example switch ($i) { case "free": echo "i is free"; break; case "code": echo "i is code"; break; case "camp": echo "i is camp"; break; default: echo "i is Codevarsity"; break; }


The break; statement exits the switch and goes on to run the rest of the application’s code. If you do not use the break; statement you may end up running mulitple cases and statements, sometimes this may be desired in which case you should not include the break; statement.

An example of this behavior can be seen below:

<?php $j = 0; switch ($i) { case '2': $j++; case '1': $j++; break; default: break; }

If $i = 1, the value of $j would be:


If $i = 2, the value of $j would be:


While break can be omitted without causing fall-through in some instances (see below), it is generally best practice to include it for legibility and safety (see below):

<?php switch ($i) { case '1': return 1; case '2': return 2; default: break; }
<?php switch ($i) { case '1': return 1; break; case '2': return 2; break; default: break; }


<?php //initialize with a random integer within range $diceNumber = mt_rand(1, 6); //initialize $numText = ""; //calling switch statement switch($diceNumber) { case 1: $numText = "One"; break; case 2: $numText = "Two"; break; case 3: case 4: // case 3 and 4 will go to this line $numText = "Three or Four"; break; case 5: $numText = "Five"; echo $numText; // break; //without specify break or return it will continue execute to next case. case 6: $numText = "Six"; echo $numText; break; default: $numText = "unknown"; } //display result echo 'Dice show number '.$numText.'.'; ?>


if case is 1 > Dice show number One. if case is 2 > Dice show number Two. if case is 3 > Dice show number Three or Four. if case is 4 > Dice show number Three or Four. if case is 5 > FiveSixDice show number Six. if case is 6 > SixDice show number Six. if none of the above > Dice show number unknown.

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