PHP File Reading

title: File Reading

File Reading

PHP prepared File Reading functions to ease user to only retrieve information outside PHP.

fopen(“fileName.txt”, “r”)

Before we read a file, we need to prepare the file in PHP using fopen function reading mode(“r”). The $fileHandler will be the file handler variable in the file reading operation.

<?php $fileHandler = fopen("fileName.txt", "r"); ?>


After the desired file to be read has been prepared for reading, user can proceed to fread function to read contents of the file.

<?php $content = fread($fileHandler, filesize("fileName.txt")); ?>

Content in the file “file.txt” will be stored in the variable $content.


This file reading function is rather easy. This function doesn’t need the file to be prepare by fopen().

<?php $content = file_get_contents("fileName.txt"); ?>

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