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Simple Class for Beginner!

class Lab { // class keyword is mandatory identifier for class creation, after class keyword goes the name of the class(e.g. Lab) private $name = ''; // $name is instance variable, which means that every instantiated object has it's own copy of variable $name public function setName($name) { // function setName is setter function that sets the value of instance variable $name $this->name = $name; // because $name is the name of both instance variable and function parameter, we use $this keyword } private function getName() { // getName is getter function that returns the value of instance variable $name return $this->name; } public function sayMyName() { $name = $this->getName(); return $name; } } $breakingBad = 'Heisenberg'; $lab = new Lab(); $lab->setName($breakingBad); echo "My Name is " . $lab->sayMyName(). "!";

The keywords private and public define the visibility of the property or the method.

  • Class members declared public can be accessed everywhere.
  • Members declared as private may only be accessed by the class that defines the member.

More Information

visibility documentation

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