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Arrays are like regular variables, but hold multiple values in an ordered list. This can be useful if you have multiple values that are all related to each other, like a list of student names or a list of capital cities.

Types Of Arrays

In PHP, there are two types of arrays: Indexed arrays and Associative arrays. Each has their own use and we’ll look at how to create these arrays.

Indexed Array Example

An indexed array is a list of ordered values. Each of these values in the array is assigned an index number. Indexes for arrays always start at 0 for the first value and then increase by one from there.

<?php $shopping_list = array("eggs", "milk", "cheese");

$shopping_list[0] would return "eggs", $shopping_list[1] would return "milk", and $shopping_list[2] would return "cheese".

Associative Array Example

An associative array is a list of values that are accessed via a key instead of index numbers. The key can be any value but it must be unique to the array.

<?php $student_scores = array("Joe" => 83, "Frank" => "93", "Benji" => "90");

$student_scores['Joe'] would return 83, $student_scores['Frank'] would return 93, $student_scores['Benji'] would return 90.

Multidimensional Array Example

A multidimensional array is an array that contains other arrays. This lets you create complex data structures that can model a very complex group of data.

<?php $students = array( array("first_name" => "Joe", "score" => 83, "last_name" => "Smith"), array("first_name" => "Frank", "score" => 92, "last_name" => "Barbson"), array("first_name" => "Benji", "score" => 90, "last_name" => "Warner") );

Now you can get the first student’s first_name with:


Get The Length of an Array – The count() Function

The "count()" function is used to return the length (the number of elements) of an array:

<?php <?php $cars = array("Volvo", "BMW", "Toyota"); echo count($cars); ?>

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