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title: Object Fit

Object Fit

The object-fit property specifies how an element responds to the width / height of its parent box.

This property can be used for image, video, or any other media. It can also be used with the object-position property to get more control on how the media is displayed.

Basically we use the object-fit property to define how it stretch or squish an inline media.


.element { object-fit: fill || contain || cover || none || scale-down; }


  • fill: This is the default value. Resize the content to match its parent box regardless of the aspect-ratio.
  • contain: Resize the content to fill its parent box using the correct aspect-ratio.
  • cover: similar as contain but often cropping the content.
  • none: display the image in its original size.
  • scale-down: compare the difference between none and contain to find the smallest concrete object size.

Browser Compatibility

The object-fit is supported by most of the modern browsers, for the most updated info about compatibility you can check this out http://caniuse.com/#search=object-fit

Also there’s a polyfill for unsupported browser (mostly IE).

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