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title: Mailto Links

Mailto Links

A mailto link is a hyperlink (<a href=""></a>) with parameters that let you specify additional recipients, a subject line, and/or a body text.

The basic syntax with a recipient is:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Some text</a>

More customization!

Adding a subject to that mail:

If you want to add a specific subject to that mail, be careful to add %20 or + everywhere there’s a space in the subject line. An easy way to ensure that it is properly formatted is to use a URL Decoder / Encoder.

Adding body text:

Similarly, you can add a specific message in the body portion of the email:
Again, spaces have to be replaced by %20 or +.

After the subject parameter, any additional parameter must be preceded by &.

Example: To enable a user to send an email to their friends about their progress at Free Code Camp:

Address: empty

Subject: Great news

Body: I am becoming a developer!

Your html link now:

<a href="mailto:?subject=Great%20news&body=I%20am%20becoming%20a%20developer">Send mail!</a>

In this instance we have left mailto empty (mailto:?) which will open the user’s email client and the user will add the recipient’s email address.

Adding more recipients:

Separate each email address with a comma to add additional recipients.

Additional parameters, such as cc and bcc, are preceded by &.

<a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Great%20news&[email protected],[email protected]&[email protected]">Send mail!</a>

More Information:

MDN – E-mail links

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