Jump Search

Jump Search

A jump search locates an item in a sorted array by jumping k items in the array and then verifies if the item wanted is between the previous jump and current jump.

Worst Case Complexity


How does it work ?

  1. Define the value of k, the number of jumps: The optimal jump size is √N where N is the length of the sorted array.
  2. Jump over the array elements by k everytime, checking the following condition Array[i] < valueWanted < Array[i+k].
  3. If the previous condition is true, then do a linear search between Array[i] and Array[i + k].
  4. Return the position of the value if it is found in the array.
Jumping Search 1

Code In Java.

public int jumpSearch(int[] arr, int x) { int n = arr.length; // Finding the size to be jumped int jumpSize = (int) Math.floor(Math.sqrt(n)); // Finding the index where element is present int index = 0; while (arr[Math.min(jumpSize, n)-1] < x) { index = jumpSize; jumpSize += (int) Math.floor(Math.sqrt(n)); if (index >= n) return -1; } // Searching for x beginning with index. while (arr[index] < x) { index++; // If we reached next index or end of array then element is not present. if (index == Math.min(jumpSize, n)) return -1; } // If element is found if (arr[index] == x) return index; return -1; }


To view examples of code implementation for this method, access this link below:

Jump Search – OpenGenus/cosmos


The logic’s array image

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