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JavaFX is a graphics framework created by Sun Microsystems used for developing rich desktop and Internet applications. JavaFX was created to replace the much older Swing and Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) libraries and serve as the Java languageā€™s standard graphics API for Java Standard Edition.

Development Tools

Gulon SceneBuilder

Gulon Scene Builder is an application used for user interface (UI) design in JavaFX. The application uses drag-and-drop for rapid UI design that allows you to visualize the interface you are creating while designing it.


Scene Builder UI


FXML is an XML-based markup language used for defining structures in JavaFX. The FXML document lays out the various objects in the class in a tree similar to tag nesting in XML documents.


<HBox spacing="10" alignment="bottom_right" > // Creates an HBox Object <Button text="Sign In"/> // Nested inside the HBox is a Button object with the text 'Sign In' </HBox>

Gulon Scenic View

Scenic View is an application designed to show the current state of your JavaFX application. Scenic View enables you to debug the graphic elements in your application in real time, including changing various values.


The basic graphic elements in JavaFX are called controls.
ControlsFX is an open source project that maintains high quality controls for JavaFX.
Next to common controls like text fields and labels, there are also advanced features that can upgrade the look and feel of the UI. For example, a collection of pre-built dialogs used for the easy creation of custom dialogs.
Documentation can be found on the website.


  • Label
  • Button
  • Color Picker
  • Checkbox
  • RadioButton
  • Listview
  • Textfield
  • PasswordField
  • Scrollbar
  • FileChooser
  • ProgressBar
  • Slider

And more, link in references.


Controls Documentation

FXML Documentation

Scene Builder Tutorial

Official JavaFX Documentation

Official Scenic View Page

Official ControlsFX Page

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