Java Do-While Loop

The do while is similar to the while loop, but the group of statements is guranteed to run at least once before checking for a given condition.

An important thing to note is ‘while’ loop is an exit control loop. while (it will not necessarily be executed), ‘do while’ is an entry controlled loop (it will be executed at least once, even if the condition is not true).

do { // Statements } while (condition);


int iter_DoWhile = 20; do { System.out.print (iter_DoWhile + " "); // Increment the counter iter_DoWhile++; } while (iter_DoWhile < 10); System.out.println("iter_DoWhile Value: " + iter_DoWhile);


20 iter_DoWhile Value: 21

Note: Unlike the while loop, the condition of a do-while loop is checked after the code body is executed once.

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Can you guess the output of the following code snippet?

int i = 10; do { System.out.println("The value of i is " + i); i--; } while (i >= 10);

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