Go Functions

Go Functions

A function takes zero or more parameters of any type, does some logic with them and may return one or more values.
Golang’s function syntax is:

func sum(parameter1 int64, parameter2 int64) int64 { return parameter1+parameter2 }

Here, the name of the function is sum. It takes to parameters, parameter1 and parameter2 of type int64
and returns another int64, the sum of the two parameters.


After a return is reached, the function exits without executing more code.

func sum(parameter1 int64, parameter2 int64) int64 { return parameter1+parameter2 // Unreachable code fmt.Printf("Don't print me") }

Calling a function

The above function would be called like this:

sum(4, 5)

The value of this expression is 9.

Omit parameter type

If two or more consecutive parameters are the same type, it may be stated only once.

function foo(x, y, z int64, name string) { fmt.Printf("%d %d %d %s", x, y, z, name) }

Here x, y, and z are type int64, and name is a string.

Returning multiple values

A function can return zero or more values.
To return nothing, omit the return type:

function helloWorld() { fmt.Printf("Hello world!") }

To return one value specify its type:

function getHelloWorld() string { return "Hello world!" }

To return more than one value specify their types, wrapped in () and separated by commas:

function getHelloWorldAndBestLanguage() (string, string) { return "Hello world!", "Golang" }

To receive these values, simply declare variables separated by commas like this:

helloWorld, bestLanguage := getHelloWorldAndBestLanguage() // helloWorld == "Hello world!" // bestLanguage == "Golang"

Naked returns

You can name the return types so that you don’t need to pass variable to the return statement:

func duplicate(s string) (first, second string) { first = s second = s return } func main() { fmt.Println(duplicate("Hello world!")) // ("Hello world!", "Hello world!") }

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