Floyd Warshall Algorithm

Floyd Warshall algorithm is a great algorithm for finding shortest distance between all vertices in graph. It has a very concise algorithm and O(V^3) time complexity (where V is number of vertices). It can be used with negative weights, although negative weight cycles must not be present in the graph.


Space Complexity: O(V^2)

Worse Case Time Complexity: O(V^3)

Python implementation

# A large value as infinity inf = 1e10 def floyd_warshall(weights): V = len(weights) distance_matrix = weights for k in range(V): next_distance_matrix = [list(row) for row in distance_matrix] # make a copy of distance matrix for i in range(V): for j in range(V): # Choose if the k vertex can work as a path with shorter distance next_distance_matrix[i][j] = min(distance_matrix[i][j], distance_matrix[i][k] + distance_matrix[k][j]) distance_matrix = next_distance_matrix # update return distance_matrix # A graph represented as Adjacency matrix graph = [ [0, inf, inf, -3], [inf, 0, inf, 8], [inf, 4, 0, -2], [5, inf, 3, 0] ] print(floyd_warshall(graph))

More Information:


Floyd Warshall – Wikipedia

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