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Script Tag

The HTML Script tag is used to either contain client side JavaScript or reference an external JavaScript file using the script “src” attribute.

The <script> tag/element is used to incorporate client-side JavaScript into your HTML file which can be used to add interactivity and logic to your website

<script> //JavaScript code is written here </script> <script src="js/app.js">

The tag can be used to encompass actual JavaScript code right in the HTML itself like this

<script> alert('hello this is my JavaScript doing things!'); </script>

Or you can use it as a way to reference an external javascript file like this

<script src="main.js" />

Here the src attribute of the element takes in a path to a JavaScript file

Script tags are loaded into your HTML in-order and syncronously so it is usually best practice to add your scripts right before the ending of your <body> tag in your HTML like so

<script src="main.js" /> <script> alert('hello this is my JavaScript doing things!'); </script> </body>

You can see the official documentation for the script element on the MDN Docs

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