Docker exec

Docker exec

docker exec allows you to run a command in a running container.
By command, any available command (inside of container) is meant,
allowing you to start/stop/execute any kind of routine and even some complex actions.
Also combined with args -it and bash|sh|csh|zsh (depending on container) allows you to enter a container, just like ssh-ing it.
(It’ll throw you into your WORKDIR)


docker exec -it ee49f9048356 bash root@ee49f9048356 \ $


Usage: docker exec [OPTIONS] CONTAINER COMMAND [ARG...] Run a command in a running container Options: -d, --detach Detached mode: run command in the background --detach-keys string Override the key sequence for detaching a container -e, --env list Set environment variables -i, --interactive Keep STDIN open even if not attached --privileged Give extended privileges to the command -t, --tty Allocate a pseudo-TTY -u, --user string Username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>]) -w, --workdir string Working directory inside the container


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