Docker build

Docker ps

docker ps list containers on your system.
A simple docker ps will only list all running containers, whereas for example a docker ps -a will list you all containers (including exited).
It will provide you with crucial informations regarding your containers like the CONTAINER ID, which is especially useful for accessing your container(s).

CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES ee49f9048356 container1 "/bin/bash" 7 weeks ago Up 7 weeks spooky_ghost 5999014fd133 container2 "/bin/sh -c 'python3…" 7 weeks ago Up 7 weeks ghastly_cats


Usage: docker ps [OPTIONS] List containers Options: -a, --all Show all containers (default shows just running) -f, --filter filter Filter output based on conditions provided --format string Pretty-print containers using a Go template -n, --last int Show n last created containers (includes all states) (default -1) -l, --latest Show the latest created container (includes all states) --no-trunc Don't truncate output -q, --quiet Only display numeric IDs -s, --size Display total file sizes


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