C++ STL Sets

title: C++ STL Sets

Introduction of sets in C++ STL library

Sets are a type of associative container in which each element has to be unique. The value of the element cannot be modified once it is added to the set, though it is possible to remove and add the modified value of that element. They are implemented using red-black tree.

Benefits of using sets

  1. It stores only unique values.
  2. Value of the element identifies itself. The value of an element is also the key used to identify it.
  3. Provides a fast lookup (O(log n)) using keys i.e. element itself.
  4. There are many inbuilt functions in class defining sets that ease the programming.


#include<iostream> #include <set> using std::set; using std::cout; using std::endl; int main() { set <int> s; s.insert(2); //insert element 2 in set s s.insert(3); s.insert(5); s.insert(2); //inserting same element 2 s.insert(6); for(auto i:s) cout << i << " "; cout << s.size() << endl; //gives the size of set s.erase(5); // erasing element 5 from set s return 0; }

Try this code out yourself!

Creating a set object

set <int> s;



Accessing set elements

set <int>::iterator it; for(it = s.begin(); it != s.end(); ++it) cout << *it;

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