Build Tools in Java

Java build tools allow you to customize your builds to do things such as specifying which files need to be included in your jar, adding dependencies from the internet, and automatically executing tasks like tests or github commits.

Build tools also make it easy to modularize your projects. Popular build tools include Gradle and Maven


Gradle build scripts can be written in Groovy or Kotlin and are highly customizable. Most projects use the Gradle wrapper, allowing them to be built on any system, even without Gradle installed. Gradle is the recommended build tool for Android development.


Maven build files are written with XML. Like Gradle, many plugins are written for Maven to customize your builds, however Maven is not as customizable because you cannot directly interact with a Maven API. However, you can modify certain configurations by modifying your settings.xml file in the .m2 folder. More info available here


Ant was one of the first build tool which got popular in 2000s to be one of the highest used build tool for java based projects. It was very easy to learn and was based on procedural programming paradigm. In Ant XML format was used to write the build scripts.

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