Bash shutdown

title: Bash shutdown

Bash Command: shutdown

Typing the shutdown command will schedule your system to be shutdown at a given point in time.


shutdown [options] [when] [message]


  • -h, shutdown then halt the system
  • -r, will trigger a restart of the system after shutting it down
  • -c, cancel a planned shutdown
  • -P, shutdown then power down
  • -k, do not shutdown, but send the message as if you were


  • now, triggers an immediate shutdown (still displays any message specified)
  • hh:mm, shutdown initiates at the specified hour(hh) and minute(mm)
  • +m, wait m minutes before inititiating shutdown


  • Adding a message to the end of the command will display a message of your chosing prior to shutting it down.

More information:

  • SS64:

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