Bash mv

title: Bash mv

Bash command: mv

The mv command is used to move files and folders.


mv <source> <path + filename>

The first argument is the file you want to move, and the second is the location to move it to. It can also be used to rename a file, by inputting 2 file names as parameters, like so: mv originalFilename.txt newFilename.txt

Commonly used options:

  • -b to create a backup file with the name of the destination file
  • -f to force move them and overwrite files without checking with the user.
  • -i to prompt confirmation before overwriting files.
  • -n do not overwrite an existing file
  • -T to rename a file named source to destination


This command is capable of modifying many files at once with ease. This can be beneficial, but also dangerous. Use at your own risk

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