Bash less

title: Bash Less

## Bash command: less
The less command is a way to easily view files. Similar to the more command but with easier navigation.

### Usage

less <file name>

Commonly used options:

  • Typically less is used with no options Examples View the /etc/hosts file
less /etc/hosts

### Options used while viewing a file

  • q – Exit viewing.
  • shift^g – Navigate to the bottom of the file.
  • g – Navigate to the top of the file.
  • / – Search down from current screen. Note you have to type some text and hit enter to complete the search.
  • ? – Search up from current screen.
  • n – Used while searching to go to the next result. This works while searching up and down the file. More Information
  • Run man less for further details on the less command.
  • Wikipedia

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